Thursday, 26 December 2013

Thailand Outreach!!!

December Update!

Thailand is a beautiful country full of the sweetest people. I have been in Thailand for three weeks and it feels just like home. Well, it's a little different. There are a lot more people driving on motorcylces. They eat a lot more rice and spicy food. Somehow Thai people find a way to make a dish taste sweet, sour, salty and spicy all at the same time. It's amazing. I am thankful that it is not really hot hear. It is actually quite cold! “Now Mah Ka” is how you say “It's cold” in thai

Me and my team are currently working and staying at an orphanage three hours north of Chiang Mai. The orphanage is called Sila Home. It is run and staffed all by Thai people. We have a translator with us so we can know what they want us to do. There are fifty-two children here and there ages range from two to nineteen. Sila Home has a passion to end human trafficking. The kids they take in are at risk of being trafficked. Either one of the parents has died, they are poor, or they have been abused. These kids are so precious and sweet. My team and I have fallen in love with all of them. During the evenings we have activities with the kids. We teach them songs and preform Bible skits. Sometimes I so desperately wish that I knew Thai so I could know whether the children are laughing with me or at me. I am so glad that you do need to know the same language as someone to show them love. Every night we get to give the children good night hugs. Even though these children have been through a lot they have an amazing joy! You can feel the presence of God heavy upon Sila Home.

Most days we do work around Sila Home. We have removed a lot of grass, mixed concrete, leveled lots of dirt, and gardened all using a hoe. I have really loved doing all the physical labour. God has given me such a joy. Today I woke up and was not in the greatest mood but by the time we finished removing grass I was filled up and overflowing with joy. God is so faithful to give us what we need and much more. Working with us is a couple from America named Judah and Katie. They have been coming to Sila Home for years. It is really nice to have people who speak English and can help us. We have been help Judah with a couple of his projects. He is building a pond that will provide Sila Home with fish and vegetables. It's a sustainable way of farming that uses aquaponics. I am learning a lot about farming and gardening!

I have had an amazing Christmas time! We have been to four different Christmas celebrations put on by churches and have two more to go! They have all been exactly the same with a bunch a people preforming dances or singing songs. There is also a draw for prices and of course lots of food. On Christmas Day we had a fun time exchanging gifts that we had gotten each other at 7-Eleven. We also had couple prophetically worship over us and it was so refreshing! In the evening we went to the hospital and sung for the patients and gave them chips and treats. We then came back and gave out socks and gloves that we had bought for the kids with Judah and Katie. It has been very hard not being home for Christmas and I miss my family and friends a lot! Knowing that I am doing God's will makes it all worth it! Not only is He worth it but these children who do not have moms or dads or families are worth it!

Prayer Requests-
Continued Joy
Wisdom about where God is leading me after this season
Team Unity

November Fun

Kia Ora,
So much has happened in the last couple of months! God has been doing some pretty amazing things both in my life and the lives of the students. I have seen people healed both physically and emotionally. The students have transformed from believers in Jesus to followers of Christ who are willing to give everything because Jesus is worthy. Personally God has been really challenging me and doing a lot of remoulding of my heart. It has been a good couple months but it has been hard.
We have had many cool things happen at our base especially during the worship nights. One worship night prayer broke out and people started to get healed and set free of fear of man. Today we all went into a nearby town and evangelized. To be honest I was really nervous and not feeling up to talking to people about Jesus. God is so much bigger than how I feel. He gave me a crazy joy while I talked to people about Jesus and prayed them. No one that I spoke to decided to follow Jesus but I know that my words won’t return void and Holy Spirit was working. One of the students lead someone to Christ that day which is so awesome. I have never seen a group of young adults so excited to share Jesus than the students who are at our base now! It is so cool to see the passion they have for evangelism.
These last two months have been very busy and they get busier and busier as outreach gets closer. In about three weeks I leave on outreach! I will be going to Chiang Mai, Thailand and spending two months there. I am so excited! I have wanted to go to Thailand for a long time. We are still figuring out what ministries we are doing there. Our hearts are to build relationships and share Jesus’ love with people from all walks of life. Whether it is tourists, locals, street kids or prostitutes we want them to know they have a heavenly Father who loves them. I am leading the team with Val who was a student with me last year. We have five female students on our team. That makes seven girls in total which is going to be a lot of fun! God is going to do such amazing things on outreach! I cannot wait to see what he has planned!
God has been so faithful to me these past months. They have been really hard. By the grace of God I have been getting through them. Every week it seems as if there is a new mountain to climb. Whether it is taking a driving test and failing, struggling with pride or trying to keep up with the work load, a new mountain appears every week. The most amazing thing that is happening is that every week I am conquering these mountains. It is not because of how strong I am or how well I have planned my schedule. It is not because I am reading my Bible more or even loving God more. The thing that makes me a conqueror is that I have been fixing my eyes on Jesus. I recognize it is nothing that I do but it is what he did. I am nothing and he is everything. I am broken and imperfect. I am weak and I grow weary. I have bad attitudes and some days just want to go home. Jesus is worthy, holy, mighty, and powerful. It is only because he loves that I can love. Apart from him I can do nothing.
The other week God told me to give my laptop away and my iPod. It was like having a security blanket ripped out of my hands. I did not know where to hold onto so I rushed to God. He gave me a supernatural peace and joy. I was honoured to be a part of him blessing two people. The guy I gave my laptop to had asked God for that exact type of laptop two years ago. He had just given his laptop away in faith when I then gave him mine. What helped me have peace about giving away my iPod and laptop was God telling me that this season was going to be one of greater dependency on him and of me singing my owns songs to Him. God was faithful to confirm that word. A couple days later, I walked into my room and found a guitar on my bed. On the guitar was a note that said “God delights in hearing your own songs”. My legs started to shake and I could barely stand. I did not even formally ask God for a guitar. It was just a desire of my heart not quite put to words. God is so faithful to provide when we step out in faith. He does not leave us on our own.

God is worthy of absolutely everything we have from the smallest atom in our bodies to every cent in our bank accounts. We are worthy of nothing yet God has given us everything in His son. There is nothing that God withholds from us. He is a good Father who gives good gifts. I do not fear giving God everything because he has already given me everything. The process I am going through is simply releasing what I am holding onto so I can pick up what he has set before me.  

Sunny September

Kia Ora! I have been in New Zealand for over a month. It feels just like home and God has blessed with amazing YWAM family! I have so much peace that this is where God wants me. He brought me here for such a time as this. It is the right season for me to be here. It is springtime here and the fields are filled with little lambs. That fits so well with what God is doing. He is bringing me into a new season of stepping out and doing things I have never done before.
The first official week of the DTS I am staffing has just finished. Previously I had been having staff training. In staff training we really dug into God’s heart for what worship and leadership are. As a staff team we have given this season to be one of intentionally seeking God through worship and prayer. We want this DTS to be one of devotion to God. Being leaders of strong character is really on our hearts. Character is greater than any gifts or talents; without character there is nothing to back up any of the gifts. It is our desire to be leaders who are thermostats not thermometers. Thermostats have the ability to change the atmosphere of the room will thermometers just read the temperature.
The past week and a half has consisted of many things. There has been many runs to the airport to pick up students. I have learned many new names. There are now a total of thirty-three students which make up the three different schools which are running right now. There are nine on the school I am staffing. The students have had their first lectures which were on the gospel and worship. I lead my first small group which has four wonderful ladies in it!
I absolutely love what I am doing! It is challenging at times but it is so my heart to see God meet young adults and reveal himself to them. I love all the students so much! God has brought some pretty amazing students. They are all so hungry for God! It has only been one week for the students and God has done so much. Many students received freedom from shame and lies. Lives are already being transformed. It is also cool to see how God placed a heart for worship in the students before they even came. This shows how God had been preparing them to come. God is so faithful.
God is definitely working in me as well. He is teaching me how to lead out of brokenness. I do not need to have everything together to lead. It is not what I can do that makes me a good leader but who I am and who my heavenly Father is. God is challenging me to spend more and more time with Him. Having my time with Him is priority even when I have a busy schedule. I am choosing to lead out of relationship with my Father and the strength he gives me.
I am so excited about what the next couple of months have in store. I miss all of my family and friends at home. I pray for you and think of you often. I love you all so much!!



Friday, 8 February 2013

Outreach - New Zealand

It has been seven weeks since I left my base in Oxford, New Zealand to travel around New Zealand on outreach. New Zealand is an amazing country! With its rolling green hills, snow covered mountains, and pristine beaches it is absolutely breathtaking! The glory and power of God is so obviously displayed and I am thankful to get the opportunity to show the love of God to the people of New Zealand. It has been both very challenging and a blessing being on outreach. God has been teaching me heaps and drawing me into deeper relationship with Him. He is breaking down my pride and building my confidence in Him. He is so good!!
 We first went to Matueka (Maw–chu–eh–ka) for two days then way stayed in Nelson where we helped out at a church doing gardening and odd jobs. Me and another girl on my team were able to help out at the Church’s day camp and go to the beach with the kids. We also had the privilege of each of us sharing a little bit of our hearts with the church on Sunday morning. I got a word of encouragement for the church during worship and was able to share it with them.
Then we went to Matamata where we helped out with a family camp. We were split into pairs and given different age groups to create lesson plans for the week. We had about a day and a half to prepare before the camp started. It was a very busy and tiring week. God was faithful to strengthen me throughout the week. He taught me a lot about his idea of a family and it made me miss my family!!
Auckland was our next stop. We stayed at a YWAM base there called Te Ao Marama (Tay Oh ma-ra-ma), which means “ the coming of the light” in Maori. The base was full of people from all over the world including Korea, Brasil, China, and Switzerland. We stayed there for three weeks. God taught us how serving him does not mean striving. Ministry comes out of the personal relationship with God and intimacy with Him comes first. He did this through all our contacts falling through because they were on holiday. He then told us to rest. We listened to him and he ended up filling our calendar so much that we had to say no to people. Giving coffee to prostitutes and the homeless, cleaning for a women’s refuge, evangelism and sharing our hearts for justice were some of the things we were involved in. We were able to really serve and bless the base, which became family to us.
We ventured next to Tauranga (Toh – rong –ah) where God has been speaking to us about prayer. In Tauranga there is a house of pray called T-HOP connected to IHOP in Kansas City, USA. We have been spending every other day in the prayer room for about four hours. Those times have been so sweet just spending time with Jesus. God has spoken a lot to me. Before coming to Tauranga I was feeling a little worn out but God has been filling me up. We have also done some street evangelism. I met a woman from the Philippines who owned a souvenir shop. She was Catholic and I was able to really encourage her. I prayed for her that she would encounter God personally and have a relationship with Him. We also went to a Buddhist temple that had two monks living there and hang out with one of them and share God’s love. We are going back to the temple on Sunday to hang out more and eat some Thai food with him.
God is bringing me deeper and deeper into his love over outreach. He has showed me how he loves me more than ministry and he loves me for me and not for what I can do or give him. God desires to spend time with us and loves when we meet with him. He is relentless. Nothing can stop God from pursing us with his love. He wants deep personal relationship with the lost and the saved. His love never ends and he longs to lavish it upon us if we just ask. He is a good God. He is good to me. He is good to you.

New Zealand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  I have now been in New Zealand for five weeks!!!! It feels like I have been here months, I feel right at home. I have been busy meeting new people, getting used to the new time change and schedule, and learning more about God and spending time with Him.

Here is a glimpse of my daily schedule:
6:45 breakfast (its soooooo early and really cold making it really hard to get out of bed)
7:15  Devotions!!!
8:15  Work duties (I sweep the outside walkways and clean the prayer room)
8:50  Announcements 
9:00  Depending on what day we have Worship or Intercession
10:00  Lecture 1 ( a different topic and speaker every week)
11:15  MORNING TEA!!!! (the first week I had 3 to 4 cups a tea a day, I have cut back to 1 to 2)
11:30  Lecture 2 (simular to lecture one except I am full of tea)
1:00   Lunch!!!
3:00  We have either community work duties, small groups, study time, outreach prep
6:00 Dinner
10:30 Go to bed!!!

Fridays we go on outreaches within Oxford and ChristChurch mine is called blessings. It is where we go and bless the city whether it is handing out flowers or praying for people. Basically sharing the love of Jesus with what ever people we meet.

Saturdays we have weekend activities. We went to the beach this last Saturday and the previous one we went to castle hill.

Sundays we go to church. I go to an Anglican Church which is right outside my house and I am really enjoying it. Its super traditional and the people are amazingly friendly and kind. God is teaching me so much through that church.

I live in a house named High Street House due to the fact that it is located on High Street. It is just down the road from the main base. There are about sixteen girls living in the house and I share a room with five other girls from Alberta, Manitoba, Texas, England, and Switzerland. We are surround by farms and occasionally chickens will venture onto our lawn. Also there are strange mooing sounds that occur often yet I am still not sure of whereabouts of the culprits. At night the stars shine brightly which makes it optimal for star gazing. I saw five shooting stars in one star gazing session and it was quite magical.

We have had four different speakers come the last week. The first spoke on The Character and Nature of God the second on Intimacy with Jesus, the third on Lordship and the fourth on the Holy Spirit. All of them have challenged me and encouraged me to follow Jesus more closely and to love him more. God has been showing me how much he loves me. He has also been showing me more of who I am and my giftings. He has surrounded me with people who are wonderfully encouraging. He is transforming my mind and my heart. I have never been so in love with Jesus and on fire for him than I am now. My devotions life is stronger and my love for the Word has become a passion. Every part of my spiritual life is growing and I am becoming more and more rooted in the love of my heavenly Father.

I found out I am spending my outreach in New Zealand!!!! I will be serving along side of four other girls. I have such a love for New Zealand and the people that live here. I am so excited to share God's love with the people. I cannot wait to see how God uses my team and me.

Sunday, 29 July 2012

YWAM New Zealand

Hi friends,
         In sixty days from today ( September 26) I am going to New Zealand. I will be attending a Discipleship Training Program (DTS) at a YWAM base in a small town called Oxford. The DTS I am doing is Justice focused. I chose the Justice DTS because I have a heart for the broken hearted and overlooked. I want to show them they have worth and are loved. I am excited to see more of God's heart for these people are and learn what I can do.
     The first 3 months will be spent in training and learning more about God. We will have lecturers come from all over the world and share their heart and experiences with us. Some of the topics that will be covered are: the heart of God, Lordship of God, spiritual warfare and worship and intercession. Through the Word I will learn more about God's heart for justice and mercy.

       The second half is the outreach phase, where I will go with a team to another country and serve at a missionary base. This will be an opportunity to put what is learned in the training portion into practice. It will be a way to not just talk about doing things but actually stepping out and doing them. I will not know what country I am going to until four weeks into my training. In past years teams have gone to Thailand, Cambodia, Nepal, Africa, or Bangladesh.

Currently I am working at Kingsway Foursquare Church as an intern and saving up money for the trip. I have been working at Kingsway for the past year and co-leading their sunday school program.  I will still need financial help since the trip will cost me around 12,000 dollars. I would appreciate any financial help, but most importantly I would love for you to keep me on your prayer list. I will be updating my blog more as I get closer to leaving and while I am in New Zealand.

Here is one of my favourite verses about justice:

Isaiah 58:6-7
“Is not this the kind of fasting I have chosen:
to loose the chains of injustice
    and untie the cords of the yoke,
to set the oppressed free
    and break every yoke?
Is it not to share your food with the hungry
    and to provide the poor wanderer with shelter—
when you see the naked, to clothe them,
    and not to turn away from your own flesh and blood?